Group blames desperate politicians for bloodletting in Imo State


A socio-political group, Imolites Collective (IC), has accused desperate politicians scheming for the 2023 general elections and merchants of hate of sponsoring crisis and violence in Imo State, stressing that intra and inter-party disaffection has assumed a dangerous dimension in the state.

The group also urged Governor Hope Uzodimma to focus on delivering on his mandate instead of joining issues with overzealous politicians that have no good intentions for Imo people except what they would get out of political positions.

“Governor Uzodimma should make efforts at communicating his plans and programmes to Imo people so that they stand on the same page with him in the task of making the state the citadel of peace and harmony it has always been,” the group stated.

In a statement in Abuja, yesterday, the group’s President and Secretary, Longinus Duru and Ernest Iroha, said, “time has come for all patriotic citizens of Imo State to rise up against the attempt by politicians to make the state a theatre of war.”

IC noted with regrets that the peace and harmony, which Imo State is known for, began to slide as soon as the state government made efforts to enforce the findings of a commission of inquiry that investigated the large scale looting and misappropriation in the state.

“We are an aggregation of Imo State citizens from various professions without affiliation to or with any political party or politically exposed persons. We have watched with dismay the wanton destruction of property, loss of lives and descent to anomie in our dear state.

“Having studied the unfolding pattern of violence, which has a mix of criminality, brigandage and political vendetta, we have decided to come together to take proactive steps to avert further destruction and despoliation in Imo State.


“It is our considered opinion that the activities of desperate politicians, merchants of hate and division as well as considerations for the National Assembly and 2023 election are at the root of the confusion in our state. We have therefore resolved to come together as a voice of reason aga inst the shenanigans of politicians both within and outside Imo State,” the statement read in part.


IC decried the attempt to make Imo State the theatre of orthodox and guerilla warfare, remarking that time has come for an honest conversation among Imo citizens to nip the unfolding tragedy in the bud and save the innocent masses from needless trauma and death.

While urging politicians to respect the rights of Imo citizens, the IC enjoined Uzodimma to spare no cost in engaging the people as he continues to carry out his responsibilities as governor.( The Guardian)

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